Gangrene in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gangrene

the rot and decay of an area of the body that suffered from infection or a wound that usually needed to be amputated

Examples of Gangrene in a sentence

The injured soldier’s wound became infected until gangrene set in, and the doctor’s were forced to cut off the dead tissue.  🔊

When Marco lost blood flow, gangrene formed, the tissue began to die, and he was in danger of losing most of his leg.  🔊

Gangrene was a common problem during WWII when soldiers were left wounded on the front and their wounds began to rot until the tissue completely died.  🔊

The sickly green and black sign of gangrene on the wounded patient’s skin told the doctor that it was too late to save the poor man’s arm.  🔊

The gangrene in his toes was so severe that the dead tissue literally fell off.  🔊

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