Protrude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Protrude

to push out

Examples of Protrude in a sentence

The blow made the man’s teeth protrude from his mouth. 🔊

When my neighbor parks his car correctly, it does not protrude into my driveway. 🔊

Bits of glass protrude from the injured woman’s back. 🔊

If you want to properly clean the catfish you caught, you will need a tool to remove the barbels that protrude from around the fish’s mouth. 🔊

The two injured football players have discs that protrude from their backs. 🔊

In the horror film, the victim’s bloody legs protrude from a car truck. 🔊

We need to remove the nails that protrude from the wall before repainting the room. 🔊

When the cat is ready to attack, its claws will protrude from its paws. 🔊

The doctor’s first task is to remove the two knives that protrude from the victim’s chest. 🔊

After Hannah fractured her leg, a couple of bones seemed to protrude from her skin. 🔊

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