Inveterate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inveterate

have a particular interest or habit that is unlikely to change

Examples of Inveterate in a sentence

Ginger is an inveterate reader who always has a book in her hands.  🔊

Mark is an inveterate liar who could not tell the truth even if you paid him.  🔊

Although Hank was an inveterate peacemaker, he did not function well in his job as a mediator.  🔊

Because Janet was an inveterate traveler, it seemed as though she lived at the airport.  🔊

As a nurse, Abigail has an inveterate desire to help others.  🔊

Inveterate smokers are going to have a hard time handling all of the new smoking laws that limit the places in which they can smoke.  🔊

Since I am an inveterate skeptic, there is very little I will believe without proof.  🔊

The inveterate inventor has made millions of dollars by selling numerous product designs.  🔊

Although Mark is twenty-eight years old, he is an inveterate slacker who has no wish other than to watch wrestling on television.  🔊

William is an inveterate art collector who never misses an art show.  🔊

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