Inexpedient in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inexpedient

impractical or unwise

Examples of Inexpedient in a sentence

It would be inexpedient to go walking through the desert without several bottles of water to keep you hydrated. 🔊

I consider it inexpedient to spend money on leisure and entertainment when you barely have enough money to pay your rent. 🔊

It is inexpedient to try and pack all of your things in your car when you could purchase a moving trailer or truck to carry most of it. 🔊

Many people like to spend money on inexpedient vanity products that serve no real purpose, like watches and fancy suits. 🔊

I do not like to waste money on fast food because I consider it inexpedient when I could just make myself a sandwich. 🔊

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