Pursue in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Pursue

to follow urgently / to aim for

Examples of Pursue in a sentence

The cops had to pursue the suspect until they were able to capture him. 🔊

The lawyer just wanted to pursue the truth, which he believed would show his client was innocent.  🔊

Be careful when you pursue someone for a date, as you do not want to come on too strong. 🔊

Many wild cats silently stalk their prey rather than openly pursue them.  🔊

Even after being married, he still would actively pursue his wife.  🔊

Many police are taught not to pursue cars in a high speed chase.  🔊

The vigilante decided to pursue justice outside the legal system.  🔊

Though he wished to pursue his girlfriend, he knew she needed time to cool down after their argument.  🔊

It can be dangerous to pursue someone in a high speed chase.  🔊

The hunter knew his dog would pursue his prey until it died of the injury he had inflicted.  🔊

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