Puzzled in a Sentence  ðŸ”Š

Definition of Puzzled

confused; perplexed

Examples of Puzzled in a sentence

Footprints in the snow puzzled the hunters who mistakenly assumed they were alone in the forest.  ðŸ”Š

Puzzled by the equation, the student raised her hand and asked her teacher for assistance.  ðŸ”Š

Without a map to guide their trip, Lewis and Clarke were puzzled when they reached a fork in the path.  ðŸ”Š

The woman was puzzled by her recent weight gain since she exercised regularly and ate healthy meals.  ðŸ”Š

With so much evidence stacked against the defendant, his attorney was puzzled by his refusal to take a plea deal.  ðŸ”Š

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