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Definition of Quintessence

most perfect example of its type

Examples of Quintessence in a sentence

Hillary has always been the quintessence of high fashion, so I was taken aback when I saw her wearing an old, saggy pair of jeans and a ragged T-shirt.  🔊

Babies are the quintessence of purity; if only we could preserve that sweetness for a lifetime.  🔊

These chocolate bars are the quintessence of delicious treats for the soul.  🔊

For many children and adolescents all over the world, the name Voldemort is the quintessence of evil.  🔊

My history teacher is a romantic; she told us that the Taj Mahal in India is the quintessence of extravagant gestures of love.  🔊

She felt that her husband was the quintessence of condescension because he never thought she had anything relevant to say.  🔊

When I was in elementary school, I believed that coming down with chicken pox during Christmas vacation was the quintessence of misery.  🔊

She told everyone she saw that her new kitten was the quintessence of cuteness.  🔊

The corruption scandal was reported as the quintessence of dirty politics.  🔊

Benjamin Franklin must have been the quintessence of self-improvement because he actually made a list of thirteen important virtues and tracked his progress in abiding by the list.  🔊

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