Recrimination in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Recrimination

an accusation made against an accuser

Examples of Recrimination in a sentence

When the politician heard of his rival’s accusation, he made a recrimination as a form of retaliation. 🔊

The judge ignored the recrimination the convicted child molester made against his victims. 🔊

In school systems, teachers are allowed to report cases of suspected child abuse without fear of recrimination from those they accuse. 🔊

If my best friend reports me to the police, I will get her in trouble as well by making a recrimination about her to the authorities. 🔊

The angry man was quick to state a recrimination about his neighbor when the police mentioned a complaint about his loud music. 🔊

Before the murder trial can begin, we must investigate the defendant’s recrimination regarding evidence planted by the police department. 🔊

Sadly, the couple’s marriage has come to the point of one cheating accusation followed by a recrimination of cheating from the other spouse. 🔊

When the governor called the magazine a poor example of third grade journalism, the magazine editor responded with a recrimination about the governor’s excessive spending. 🔊

In hopes of freeing his client, the defense attorney made a recrimination about the prosecution’s mishandling of the case. 🔊

After a recrimination was made by the accused, it became obvious the accuser was the bigger bully of the pair. 🔊

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