Refract in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Refract

to make a ray of light change directions upon entry

Examples of Refract in a sentence

Sunlight will refract when it goes through a window, changing directions just slightly as the glass redirects it.  🔊

A ray of lay will refract when it passes through glass, changing the direction it moves based on the angle of entry.  🔊

The way a beam of light refracts upon entering a pain of glass can be witnessed firsthand by using a magnifying glass to direct the sunlight in different directions.  🔊

If you have ever used a reflective surface like a CD or your phone screen to direct a spot of light on the wall, you know how to refract light.  🔊

When a beam of light hits a mirror, it will refract and go roughly back in the direction that it came from.  🔊

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