Roam in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Roam

to travel aimlessly and without a clear destination

Examples of Roam in a sentence

The wayward banished prince had no choice but to roam across the lands, searching for some means of redemption so he could finally return home.  🔊

A lost dog will likely roam from place to place, aimlessly searching for the master it has been separated from.  🔊

Will little to do until it was time to head back home, I decided to roam around the carnival and simply see what they had available.  🔊

Lost in the mall, Billy had no choice but to roam around until he could find his missing parents in its many stores.  🔊

With nowhere to really go and nothing to do, I decided to just roam around town today and see if I could find anything interesting.  🔊

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