Superadd in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Superadd

to add to something that has already been added to

Examples of Superadd in a sentence

When the young man was shot, this injury would superadd to his medical problems since he already had an existing stab wound.  🔊

In the afternoon Sally’s soccer goal seemed to superadd to her good luck after she got a good grade on her difficult final exam that morning.  🔊

The man was happy when he found out that his daughter’s boyfriend was a doctor, but to superadd to his happiness was when the man realized the boyfriend was also a lawyer.  🔊

After years of being without grandchildren at 67 years old, her daughter’s pregnancy would superadd to her joy when she found out her daughter-in-law was now pregnant too.  🔊

The pound cake was a delicious dessert that everyone enjoyed, but incorporating blackberries into the cake would superadd to the taste and deliciousness.  🔊

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