Ruefully in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ruefully

in a way that expresses regret

Examples of Ruefully in a sentence

The little boys ruefully apologized for breaking the window.  🔊

Even though Ann wanted to buy one of the vendor’s jackets, she was short on cash so she ruefully declined the seller’s offer to try on the coat.  🔊

Jim ruefully noted how well his ex-girlfriend seemed to be doing without him.  🔊

When Maggie returned to her childhood home, all she could do was smile ruefully as she remembered the fun times.  🔊

Day after day, Jack ruefully looked out the window for his deceased wife.  🔊

Since I could not attend Alan’s party, I had to ruefully decline his invite.  🔊

We always speak ruefully of our dead grandmother on her birthday.  🔊

Before the teenager returned my stolen purse, he looked at me ruefully and stuttered an apology.  🔊

Edmund ruefully picked up the pieces of the picture frame he had accidentally broken.  🔊

When questioned by the police, the scared boy ruefully admitted he had been involved in the burglary.  🔊

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