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Definition of Sable

a weasel-like mammal with warm fur that is often used to make clothing

Examples of Sable in a sentence

The sable is best known for its soft pelt, making it a popular and valuable mammal for the fur industry.  🔊

Popularity of killing a sable for its fur dates back to medieval times when the pelts were used for clothing.  🔊

PETA continues to condemn the sable farm that raise and harvest the furry, weasel-like sable only to slaughter it for its fur.  🔊

Living mostly in Asia, the wild and carnivorous sable is most active around twilight when it is able to hunt for rodents and other small animals.  🔊

Placing the sable fur around her neck, the wealthy woman admired her expensive fur in the mirror.  🔊

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