Sacrosanct in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sacrosanct

too important or respected to be criticized or changed

Examples of Sacrosanct in a sentence

The award-winning filmmaker felt his movies were too sacrosanct to be criticized by the media.  🔊

How dare you write in something as sacrosanct as a Bible?  🔊

To many, the minister of our church is a sacrosanct individual who should never be criticized.  🔊

After the builder learned the land he had purchased was once a graveyard, he decided to not build his apartment complex on sacrosanct ground.  🔊

Woodland Hills Cemetery is sacrosanct and cannot be moved to another plot of land because of the large number of deceased soldiers who are buried there.  🔊

Why is it the salaries of politicians are sacrosanct and cannot be changed while the salaries of civil servants like police officers and firemen can be decreased upon a whim?  🔊

Because the board president wrote the rules himself, he considers the regulations to be sacrosanct and above criticism.  🔊

The once sacrosanct newspaper has been replaced by the quick relay of news over the Internet.  🔊

During the financial meeting, the company president reminded everyone that no department was too sacrosanct to avoid a cut in its yearly budget.  🔊

Many laws that were once considered sacrosanct have been abolished over time.  🔊

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