Vassal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vassal

a worker of a lord who is working off his debt in return for safety from the lord

Examples of Vassal in a sentence

When the vassal took an oath from the lord of the manor, he knew that his employer would require him to tend to the fields until his obligation was met.  🔊

Once the vassal’s payment was made and he was released, the noble who owned all of the land would have to find someone else to work his property.  🔊

Loyalty was shown by the aristocrat’s vassal since he would sacrifice his life for his creditor’s estate.  🔊

During the Middle Ages, the vassal would sometimes go off to war in place of the lord in order to pay off his debt.  🔊

One type of vassal was the knight who would dress in metal armor in order to fight on behalf of his boss, the noble of the land.  🔊

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