Repugnant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Repugnant

repulsive or offensive

Examples of Repugnant in a sentence

The smell was completely repugnant to the pregnant woman. 🔊

Because of your repugnant behavior, I no longer want to be friends with you. 🔊

The racist words were repugnant to everyone in the auditorium. 🔊

When the repugnant man tried to grab my purse, I kicked him in the groin and ran. 🔊

In many countries, your poor behavior would be considered repugnant. 🔊

That repugnant smell from the kitchen is making me gag! 🔊

What is it that makes people drawn to a repugnant activity like dog fighting? 🔊

There is nothing I find more repugnant in a relationship than dishonesty. 🔊

Because Elliott is such a repugnant individual, he does not have any friends. 🔊

The movie was so repugnant that most of the audience walked out of the theater before the film was finished. 🔊

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