Satire in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Satire

a literary work or device that makes fun of its subject

Examples of Satire in a sentence

The latest biography of the president is a satire designed to mock the leader.  🔊

When the political cartoonist drew his latest satire, he did it with the intention of making fun of the country’s new healthcare plan.  🔊

The column provides the perfect venue for the vengeful editor to post a monthly satire about his enemies.  🔊

Because the celebrity could not laugh at herself, she did not appreciate the comedy show airing a satire about her life.  🔊

The political party’s failures will make great material for a satire produced by its rivals.  🔊

When I looked at the pamphlet, I realized it was nothing but a satire aimed at ridiculing the current government.  🔊

Many comedians often make use of satire to create jokes at their own expense.  🔊

Since the politician did not want to become a target of the writer’s next satire, he tried to avoid doing anything foolish in public.  🔊

Wood is going to turn his satire into a humorous film about corporate greed.  🔊

According to the critics, the playwright’s best effort is a satire in which he pokes fun at the royal family.  🔊

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