Scrutiny in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Scrutiny

careful examination of something or someone

Examples of Scrutiny in a sentence

If you want to fly on an airplane, you should be prepared to deal with scrutiny from the airline personnel. 🔊

My nosey neighbor, a former police officer, keeps everyone under scrutiny.  🔊

When I walk into an expensive store wearing my sweatpants, I always feel the salespeople are watching me with a great deal of scrutiny. 🔊

In order to deter counterfeiters from passing fake money, cashiers apply scrutiny to the bills they receive.  🔊

Because my mother is a clean freak, she inspects my room with scrutiny.  🔊

Although the criminal was released from prison early, the police kept him under scrutiny.  🔊

Because politicians represent the people, they are always under a lot of scrutiny.  🔊

The detectives hope the suspect will confess while under investigative scrutiny.  🔊

The millionaire’s purchase of a mansion has been the subject of scrutiny since he recently filed bankruptcy.  🔊

When the bank robber stared at her, the scared teller fainted from the scrutiny.  🔊

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