Sensational in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sensational

astonishing and unbelievable

Examples of Sensational in a sentence

After working on the woman’s hair for over eight hours, her sensational hairstyle was admired and jealous by many women who saw it.  🔊

Due to the violinist’s extensive training and background in music, his sensational performance received a standing ovation by the audience.  🔊

With her sensational look and style, the young model wowed talent scouts and was hired for many modeling jobs.  🔊

Once the young girl’s teeth were fixed and whitened, her sensational smile would light up the room just by grinning.  🔊

Since everyone in the family was able to make it home for Christmas and they were able to get along with each other, the matriarch considered this a sensational holiday gathering.  🔊

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