Sentiment in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sentiment

a thought, view, or attitude; an opinion

Examples of Sentiment in a sentence

The sentiment in his love poem was so touching that it brought tears to her eyes. 🔊

Even though I have nothing against sentiment, his public proposal seemed a little over-the-top to me. 🔊

If public sentiment is any indication, the bond issue to rebuild the dilapidated high school will be emphatically approved. 🔊

Don’t expect to gain anything from me with false sentiment. 🔊

Despite her former sentiment regarding the holiday, Christine couldn’t bring herself to celebrate Mother’s Day with her father’s new wife. 🔊

After she realized she had bought the old-fashioned lamp based solely on sentiment, she wondered how she could have been so impractical. 🔊

This type of negative sentiment regarding this year’s election is common throughout the community. 🔊

While sentiment is said to weaken a person’s character, no one wants to be around people who have no feelings at all. 🔊

Compared to the sentiment in last year’s Valentine message, this card actually seems a bit cold. 🔊

Seeing his granddaughter in her mother’s wedding gown brought back all the sentiment he felt thirty years ago. 🔊

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