Serfdom in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Serfdom

the state of being a medieval peasant who was forced to work on a manor

Examples of Serfdom in a sentence

Feudal serfdom was similar to later century slavery in that serfs were not allowed to leave the manor in which they lived and worked.  🔊

Serfdom during Medieval Times led to a life of hard work and misery for many of the peasants trapped in this system.  🔊

Abolishing serfdom meant that many of the lower class peasants whose lives revolved around the nobles could now be more independent.  🔊

Resisting serfdom, in 1381 many Russian peasants rose up against the establishment in an effort to end free labor.  🔊

During feudal serfdom, lords and other nobility had complete judicial power over the serfs that were forced to do their bidding.  🔊

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