Slovenly in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Slovenly

having a dirty appearance

Examples of Slovenly in a sentence

1. The man’s slovenly dress was a result of him being homeless for a month. 🔉

2. Because Jan is a pet hoarder, with over twenty cats, it is not surprising that she lives in a slovenly home. 🔉

3. In the animated series, the slovenly dark-skinned child always has a puff of dirt following him. 🔉

4. Although Warren is very wealthy, he still lives in the slovenly neighborhood where he grew up as an underprivileged youth.  🔉

5. Once the slovenly stray was cleaned, he looked quite adorable. 🔉

6. Who would have thought such a well-dressed woman would date a slovenly man who looks like he lives in a garbage can? 🔉

7. Since Bridgett spends most of her time in class, she rarely cleans her slovenly dorm room. 🔉

8. The inmates have written the governor a letter complaining about the slovenly and unsanitary prison conditions. 🔉

9. After a night of wild partying, a slovenly-looking Carl came in to work wearing yesterday’s clothes. 🔉

10. Jenna’s slovenly habits contrast greatly with her husband’s need to keep everything neat and tidy.  🔉

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