solicitous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of solicitous

full of anxiety and concern

Examples of solicitous in a sentence

I am going to keep a solicitous eye out for criminals in this hard-hit neighborhood. 🔊

The solicitous mother did not want her young daughter going out on a date. 🔊

My girlfriend gets solicitous when I drink too much. 🔊

Nothing makes me more solicitous right now than my depressing financial situation. 🔊

There is reason to be solicitous about the future with this depressing job market. 🔊

The powerful hurricane is making me a bit solicitous. 🔊

My solicitous friend believes it is unsafe to fly an airplane. 🔊

I can understand why you are concerned about my late pregnancy, but acting overly solicitous about it is crazy. 🔊

Drivers around the world are solicitous about rising gas prices. 🔊

The recent shark attacks give me solicitous reasons about going in the water again. 🔊

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