Sophistry in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Sophistry

a reason or argument that sounds correct but is actually false

Examples of Sophistry in a sentence

Although the cult leader knew he was being dishonest with his group members, he hoped they would believe his sophistry. 🔊

Surprisingly, many debates are won by individuals who make use of sophistry to convince others they know something they do not.  🔊

During the debate, Senator Johnson accused his opponent of trying to win votes by using sophistry to convince the public of his impossible claims. 🔊

While the claim in the weight-loss ad sounds real, it is actually sophistry from a marketing department that hopes to sell a product at any cost.  🔊

John tried to use sophistry to hide his illegal actions from the tax agency.  🔊

Because Mrs. Wilson knew Hank could not get a perfect score on the test, she did not believe his attempt to lie with sophistry.  🔊

Since the jury was turned off by the defendant’s attempt to deceive them with sophistry, they found him guilty on all charges.  🔊

The salesman used sophistry to convince the older couple to buy the more expensive vehicle.  🔊

Even though I am an adult now, my mother can still tell when I am trying to fool her with sophistry.  🔊

After the school learned the scientist’s theory was nothing but sophistry, it cancelled the research grant.  🔊

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