Scurrilous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Scurrilous

something that is said or done to ruin a person’s reputation

Examples of Scurrilous in a sentence

Jeremy got me fired by telling my boss scurrilous lies about me. 🔊

In an attempt to ruin the mayor’s reputation, the newspaper editor wrote several scurrilous articles on the politician’s spending habits. 🔊

Your scurrilous remarks are not going to make me stop seeing my boyfriend! 🔊

When the judge learned about the scurrilous accusations made against him, he immediately called for his personal lawyer to sue the magazine. 🔊

The principal warned the troublesome student about making scurrilous remarks about his peers. 🔊

In an attempt to stain my character, someone is telling scurrilous stories about me. 🔊

Luke has made several scurrilous comments about the bank that foreclosed on his home. 🔊

Because Elliott was angry with his ex-girlfriend, he began to spread scurrilous rumors about her that were not true. 🔊

Everyone wondered if scurrilous gossip would negatively affect the senator’s reelection campaign. 🔊

As I read the satellite company’s brochure, I realized the document was nothing but a scurrilous attack against the big cable companies. 🔊

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