Nadir in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nadir

point of greatest adversity or despair; all-time low; rock-bottom

Examples of Nadir in a sentence

Even though we thought we had reached our nadir and would fail to meet the project deadline, we were still able to complete the work on time.  🔊

Since the relationship between the two warring nations has reached its nadir, world leaders are greatly concerned about the risk of nuclear war.  🔊

Because employees are terribly worried about losing their positions, company morale has reached a nadir.  🔊

The automobile manufacturer’s nadir was reached when the group announced the recall of two million faulty vehicles.  🔊

When Clark got fired and was unable to find another job, he realized his professional life was at its nadir.  🔊

Matt’s literary career declined to its nadir when he was unable to get past a serious case of writer’s block.  🔊

Even at the recession’s nadir, most of the lower income families were still having difficulty paying their bills.  🔊

The announcement of the impeachment caused the president’s popularity to fall to its nadir.  🔊

When the speaker discussed how being homeless was his nadir yet the same situation that inspired him to change his life, I too knew I could turn my lowest point into something positive.  🔊

Whether my favorite team is at its nadir, with only a few wins, or the best in its conference, I am still a proud supporter.  🔊

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