Spoonerism in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Spoonerism

a phrase in which the speaker accidentally swiches the first sounds of two words

Examples of Spoonerism in a sentence

A common spoonerism is saying one has “drain bramage” when meaning “brain damage”.  🔊

When the spoonerisms come, you have to listen to what I sean and not what I may (mean what I say).  🔊

Pressed for time, the woman told her daughter to pump gas while she went into the store to pick up the things they needed so they could knock out the last of their errands in true spoonerism fashion, in “one swelled foop” (one felled swoop).  🔊

My English teacher said she hates introducing students to spoonerisms because they speak nothing but gibberish for weeks.  🔊

The blog post about spoonerisms wasn’t a big hit because it was too hard to understand with so many of them written into it.  🔊

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