Synergy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Synergy

The combining of different groups, processes, objects, or people to increase success.

Examples of Synergy in a sentence

In therapy, I am working on organization so all aspects of my life will work in synergy together. 🔊

The synergy between the two firms has created a giant company that now controls the industry. 🔊

When the biologists came together with the chemists, a synergy was produced that resulted in a new cancer-fighting drug. 🔊

All the university departments work together to create a synergy for the betterment of the students. 🔊

Because Grayson grew up in a good home and had access to the best education, he benefited from the synergy of nurturing parents and supportive teachers working together. 🔊

The government, architects, and designers often engage in synergy to manufacture homes for the poor. 🔊

If there is no benefit in the partnership, then a negative synergy occurs. 🔊

The merger between the two wireless carriers has produced a synergy that has netted both companies billions of dollars. 🔊

Even though the players had just met, they worked in synergy to win the game. 🔊

The synergy of the choir members singing in unison produced a glorious melody. 🔊

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