Vasoconstriction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vasoconstriction

the shrinking of blood vessels that often inhibits proper circulation and increases blood pressure

Examples of Vasoconstriction in a sentence

In blistering cold environments, vasoconstriction of the veins causes blood flow to move to the center of the body and reduces odds of freezing to death. 🔊

The shrinking of veins associated with vasoconstriction reduces blood circulation to limbs. 🔊

Patients with dangerously low blood pressure are give medication to cause vasoconstriction, which shrinks blood vessels and increases blood pressure. 🔊

The hemorrhaging patient is immediately given medication to cause vasoconstriction to shrink the blood vessels and staunch the bleeding. 🔊

The prisoner was bound so tight that it caused vasoconstriction around his hands and completely cut off blood flow. 🔊

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