Taxidermist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Taxidermist

a person who stuffs and mounts animal skins so that they have a life-like appearance

Examples of Taxidermist in a sentence

The skilled taxidermist was able to stuff the giant bear, making him appear life-like again. 🔊

My father wants me to be a taxidermist like him, but I can’t deal with the site of dead animal skins. 🔊

The taxidermist charges 250 dollars to create a bear skin rug from left over stuffing parts. 🔊

The dead duck should be taken to the nearest taxidermist if you wish to mount it on your wall. 🔊

Removing the deer’s skin and inner parts, the taxidermist prepared the doe for her transition into wall art. 🔊

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