Impute in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Impute

to lay the responsibility or blame on someone else

Examples of Impute in a sentence

1. It was wrong of me to impute you for the failure of the dinner party when I was the one who did not properly plan the event. 🔉

2. Although Jake cannot impute anyone else for the robbery, he will not admit to committing the crime himself. 🔉

3. On Monday, Ellen will impute her failure to complete the project on her malfunctioning computer. 🔉

4. Even though my sister had broken the window, she tried to impute the damage onto me. 🔉

5. Rather than impute his brother, Harry will accept blame for a crime he did not commit.  🔉

6. The defense attorney’s job is to impute anyone other than his client so the jury will respond with a “not guilty” verdict. 🔉

7. When the singer was asked about her awful performance, she tried to impute her mistakes to nervousness. 🔉

8. The foolish drunk driver tried to impute the accident on the bartender who made the strong drinks. 🔉

9. When my daughter received a failing grade in her math class, she attempted to impute her instructor’s teaching skills. 🔉

10. How dare you try to impute my work to cover up for your own lack of progress! 🔉

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