Blitzkrieg in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Blitzkrieg

a ruthless attack designed to quickly defeat or stun another

Examples of Blitzkrieg in a sentence

Although the Japanese might have planned dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor as a blitzkrieg attack, the United States did not surrender. 🔊

Some argue that Russia used a blitzkrieg battle tactic when they deployed thousands of soldiers to Syria and dropped bombs until they surrendered. 🔊

Rescued prisoners of war were hit with a blitzkrieg of rude and horrible questions about their time with enemy forces. 🔊

Mongols were experts at the blitzkrieg before the term was even invented because they were extremely efficient warriors who won battles quickly. 🔊

The blitzkrieg attack was a series of bombings, stealth military operations, and surprise attracts designed to totally defeat the enemy. 🔊

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