Tintinnabulation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tintinnabulation

a ringing or tinkling sound

Examples of Tintinnabulation in a sentence

You are more likely to hear tintinnabulation around Christmas time, when there are more bells and chimes to be heard. 🔊

The sound a wind chime makes is akin to a tintinnabulation, a tinkling sound that some people find soothing when the wind blows. 🔊

One might not consider a triangle as a legitimate instrument, but some people like the tintinnabulation of musically ringing metal. 🔊

Instruments that create the sound of tintinnabulation include cymbals, bells, chimes, and other metallic instruments. 🔊

I am not a fan of tintinnabulation, which is why I do not prefer the sound of bells, chimes, or even irritating ringtones. 🔊

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