Tirade in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Tirade

a long and angry speech

Examples of Tirade in a sentence

Because Carrie is normally a laidback person, she shocked everyone with her tirade. 🔊

The police arrested my Uncle Jack after he refused to end his tirade outside the courthouse.  🔊

When the airline representative told me my luggage was lost, I responded to the announcement with a tirade. 🔊

If my daughter does not get everything she wants for Christmas, she will launch a tirade.  🔊

The drunk driver did not realize his tirade was being captured by a camera in the police officer’s car.  🔊

If my money was not stolen, then my tirade was completely unnecessary.  🔊

The fan began his tirade by burning his jersey outside the football stadium.  🔊

Although the terrorist is in hiding, he recently held a press conference where he gave a tirade about his enemies.  🔊

The politician’s tirade against the proposed law lasted for nearly two hours.  🔊

When the player got kicked out of the game, he started a tirade which lasted until security escorted him off the court.  🔊

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