Tonnage in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tonnage

the actual amount in heaviness that is measured in tons

Examples of Tonnage in a sentence

With the extra tonnage of equipment on the ferry, it was in jeopardy of sinking due to the excess weight.  🔊

Prior to the Titanic being lifted off the ocean floor, it will need to be determined if the machine is capable of lifting that much tonnage up to the surface.  🔊

It is difficult to understand how the tonnage of a cruise ship can float on the water without sinking.  🔊

Since 18-wheelers are heavy enough to cause damage to the roads, their tonnage must be weighed at weigh stations on the interstate.  🔊

Due to the tonnage of the air unit and other pieces of equipment, only smaller items from the building could be removed by the workers.  🔊

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