Torpid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Torpid

lazy or inactive

Examples of Torpid in a sentence

My torpid brother rests on the couch all day.  🔊

When June is torpid, she will snuggle under her bed covers and watch television until she falls asleep.  🔊

The torpid student did nothing but sleep in class each day.  🔊

According to the preference settings, the laptop will go to sleep when it is has been torpid for five minutes.  🔊

The player was dropped from the team because he was torpid and refused to put forth effort during practice.  🔊

Although my cat appears to be torpid, it can open its eyes in less than a second and then leap in pursuit of a moving object.  🔊

The bear will be in a torpid state throughout the freezing winter.  🔊

Even though Jason could have earned perfect grades in school, he was torpid and rarely completed his assignments.  🔊

The torpid dog will not fetch the ball.  🔊

After eating too much of the holiday buffet, Cal became torpid and collapsed on the sofa.  🔊

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