Evocative in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Evocative

bringing something to mind

Examples of Evocative in a sentence

Seeing an evocative picture of my mother brought back fond memories of our last days together.  πŸ”Š

The purpose of the evocative commercial about family reunions is to motivate people to fly home for the holidays.  πŸ”Š

Looking at my evocative wedding photo made me cry at the thought of my failed marriage.  πŸ”Š

The teenage girl was amused by the evocative story that transported her back into the days before mobile phones.  πŸ”Š

When the owner named his business, he chose an evocative title that would make people long for their grandmother’s cookies.  πŸ”Š

Keith’s cowboy hat is evocative of his former life in Texas.  πŸ”Š

When the scientists looked at the evocative artifacts, they were able to visualize the daily lives of the members of the ancient civilization.  πŸ”Š

News writers often create evocative headlines that establish emotional connections with readers.  πŸ”Š

As soon as the elderly woman heard the evocative music of her youth, she tried to get out of her wheelchair and dance.  πŸ”Š

The evocative picture of my high school reminded me of four of the worst years of my life.  πŸ”Š

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