Treachery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Treachery

betrayal or deceptive action

Examples of Treachery in a sentence

Benedict Arnold is infamous for the treachery that he displayed when he turned on the Revolutionary Army during the Revolutionary War.  🔊

I was shocked by the treachery of my best friend, who left my lunch table to go sit with the popular kids that looked down on me.  🔊

Many women consider the worst form of treachery to be a man cheating on his wife, and those who commit this crime are quite unlikely to regain the trust of their spouse.  🔊

As a spy, you must suspect everyone around you of treachery, constantly worrying that they may be plotting against you or only pretending to be your friend so they can catch you off guard.  🔊

Treachery among the best of friends includes turning on each other when times are rough or abandoning each other when they are needed the most.  🔊

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