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Definition of Bonnet

a woman's or child's hat tied under the chin, typically with a brim framing the face

Examples of Bonnet in a sentence

The young mother placed the bonnet on her daughter’s head and tied the ribbon beneath her chin. 🔊

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the bonnet was used to protect women’s hair from harsh weather conditions and as a fashion statement. 🔊

She adjusted the bonnet by tucking in her hair, pulling down the brim, and loosely tying ribbon until the hat was in position. 🔊

In Jane Austen films, women are often clothed in a tightly laced corset, flowing skirts, and a fashionable bonnet. 🔊

She looked up at him from beneath the wide brim of her new bonnet and waited for him to speak. 🔊

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