Twofold in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Twofold

multiplied by two; two reasons

Examples of Twofold in a sentence

1. The reasons for the increase in ticket prices are twofold – to increase security and to hire more employees. 🔉

2. According to the scientist the purpose of the study is twofold, to monitor the maturity rate of the species and to discover pre-birth health issues. 🔉

3. To spread the word of Christ and to assist the poor and sick was the twofold purpose of the missionaries when they initially came here. 🔉

4. In order to improve our military, it will require twice the current military budget to produce a twofold increase in the efficiency of our resources. 🔉

5. The reasons for the worsening economy are twofold as the current president has continued to make the same poor decisions as his predecessor. 🔉

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