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Definition of Bane

something causing misery or death

Examples of Bane in a sentence

Distraction is the bane of productivity when I’m trying to get anything done. 🔊

Since loneliness can be the bane of old age, it’s important to maintain friendships and family connections as we grow older. 🔊

Some people believe that technology is the bane of social interaction and that eventually no one will have to speak to another person face to face. 🔊

Because of all the sinister villains who are the bane of Gotham City citizens, it seems that Batman’s work is never done. 🔊

According to Stewart, Ginna’s jealousy was the bane of their relationship. 🔊

In Dr. Seuss’s famous story, the Grinch was the bane of Christmas in Whoville, but ultimately his cold heart could not stand up to the true Christmas spirit. 🔊

During the Jurassic period, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king of the dinosaurs and the bane of every living creature. 🔊

All these offers for credit cards are the bane of my goal to live within my means. 🔊

During the interview, the former president revealed that he had always thought that the media were the bane of his time in office. 🔊

Uncle Floyd always told us that he was a rascal as a kid, and the bane of his mother’s existence. 🔊

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