Unflappable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Unflappable

clear headed and serene during a catastrophe

Examples of Unflappable in a sentence

When a deadly tornado raced across town, many residents panicked but Miles remained unflappable and calmly lead his neighbors to shelter.  🔊

Firefighters must be unflappable during an emergency so that they can focus on putting out fires and rescuing those in danger.  🔊

The wedding planner remained unflappable even as she was informed that the caterer failed to show up and the flowers were wilted because panicking would make things worse.  🔊

Maya knew she had to be strong after her grandmother died, so she made phone calls, organized the funeral, and kept up an unflappable appearance even though she was crying inside.  🔊

Briana didn't understand how so many people could remain calm and unflappable during a disaster when all she wanted to do was scream, cry, and panic.  🔊

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