Revile in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Revile

to attack with abusive language

Examples of Revile in a sentence

To the candidate, it came as no surprise that his political rival would revile him in front of the press.  🔊

Individuals who are arrogant will often look for ways to revile those they view as beneath them.  🔊

Although the media goes out of its way to revile the president, its actions have not caused a fall in the leader’s popularity.  🔊

The store manager frequently loses employees because he takes every chance he gets to revile them and complain about their work.  🔊

Even though people pretend to revile reality shows, most of them simply cannot stop watching the addictive programs.  🔊

Over half of the employees showed up at the monthly meeting to revile the company leaders on the poor decisions recently made by the organization.  🔊

It is hard to not revile someone who fails to follow instructions after hearing them countless times.  🔊

As a struggling small business owner, I find it quite easy to revile big firms who are slashing prices to steal my customers.  🔊

The preacher was not a good man because he would openly revile those who did not regularly contribute to the church fund.  🔊

Since even the politician’s supporters have started to revile him, he will more than likely not be reelected to his office.  🔊

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