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Definition of Vanity

excessive pride in or admiration of one's own abilities, appearance or achievements

Examples of Vanity in a sentence

Because vanity had caused too many girls to be late for classes, all mirrors were removed from the restrooms.  🔊

Throughout history, vanity and excess pride have led to the downfall of many great men and women.  🔊

While her vanity prompts her to spend ridiculous amounts of money on her hair products, she cuts corners where her children’s needs are concerned.  🔊

Although it’s admirable that Rachel graduated from an ivy league university, her constant bragging about it is nothing but vanity.  🔊

If her widely known grooming habits are any indication, Cleopatra must have been just as famous for her vanity as she was for her beauty.  🔊

Back in your grandmother’s time, it was considered chic to have a small foot, and vanity motivated many women to suffer from too-small shoes.  🔊

Even though it caused a lot of problems for Snow White, she would probably have never met Prince Charming if it hadn’t been for the evil Queen’s vanity.  🔊

I stay healthy by going to the gym and avoiding sugar, but basically, my vanity is what keeps me motivated to be good.  🔊

My mother always told me not to stare at myself in the mirror too long because it was a sign of vanity.  🔊

Compared to greed, lust, addiction and other vices, vanity is really not so bad, especially since it usually makes a person present a better face to the world.  🔊

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