Wept in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Wept

to cry bitterly

Examples of Wept in a sentence

Having just learned that her son had been killed in the line of duty, the woman felt to her knees and wept, streaking her face with tears. 🔊

The young man wept when he learned that the woman he thought loved him and betrayed him for another, but he hid his tears behind closed doors. 🔊

Anyone that has told you that they have never wept in their life is lying, as everyone has experienced something that made them cry emotionally. 🔊

The old man wept because he knew he had alienated his son, who would likely never speak to him again.  🔊

Having lost everyone and everything he loved, the warrior wept bitterly in the ruins of what was once his village.  🔊

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