Wrenching in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Wrenching

forcefully pulling away from something or someone

Examples of Wrenching in a sentence

The football player tried wrenching the ball from the other team member’s hands, but his grip was too strong. 🔊

Wrenching the door open with enough force that it slammed against the wall, Bridget stormed into the house to confront her lying best friend. 🔊

Large gusts of wind from the hurricane were wrenching the patio doors open with such force that they were pulled off the hinges. 🔊

The wrestler tried wrenching himself from his opponent’s headlock by twisting and pulling on his arms.  🔊

The angry celebrity began wrenching the camera from the paparazzi’s hands so forcefully that it fell to the ground.  🔊

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