Yule in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Yule

an old term for the Christmas holiday

Examples of Yule in a sentence

The Yule holiday is when we set up trees in our homes and decorate them with ornaments and lights.  πŸ”Š

Our favorite holiday is Yule, in which we give presents to our loved ones and enjoy the winter weather.  πŸ”Š

If you live in an extremely warm locale your yule holiday may include Santa Claus but will likely not include snow.  πŸ”Š

No one really uses the term β€˜yule’ to refer to Christmas anymore, but that is what the holiday was once called.  πŸ”Š

Yule is an archaic term for Christmas, but you can still find it used in some old hymns and Christmas songs.  πŸ”Š

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