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Definition of Accede

to agree with someone or give in to his or her wish

Examples of Accede in a sentence

At your insistence and to avoid a prolonged argument, I will accede to your contract terms.

The company president made a wise decision to accede to consumer pressure and lower the prices of his goods.

Perhaps the congressmen should accede to the president’s demands so the budget crisis can be averted.

Because Jack wants to make his wife happy on their anniversary, he will accede to wear a tuxedo for their dinner date.

Do not accede too readily to his demands or he will think you are a wimp!

Even though he needed money badly, Harry would not accede to the bank’s loan agreement.

Unless management is willing to accede to the employees’ demands, then the bakery will close indefinitely.

It would be a wonderful world if all countries would destroy their atomic resources and accede to a ban on nuclear weapons.

While the military commander is unable to accede to his troop’s request for a forty-eight hour leave, he can give them a twenty-four hour leave for rest and recuperation.

Rather than risk losing my home, I made the decision to accede to the finance company’s conditions.

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