Due Diligence in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Due Diligence

appropriate, required, reasonable care or carefulness

Examples of Due Diligence in a sentence

As far as the jury was concerned, the lawyer had done his due diligence by preparing a proper case. 🔊

If you exercise your due diligence by turning in the money you found, it could legally be yours after sixty days if no one claims it.  🔊

The process of due diligence often involves investigating a business or property to ensure all legal requirements have been met. 🔊

While the company’s directors expect their attorneys to do their due diligence before negotiating contracts, these leaders always review the contracts themselves before presenting the deal to their shareholders.  🔊

If you do not perform due diligence when looking for a used car, your purchase could be a lemon that never leaves your garage.  🔊

His due diligence as an officer of the court was to ensure all of the judge’s orders were carried out immediately.  🔊

Before making investments, one should always perform due diligence first to make sure the investment will be a wise one.  🔊

Despite my due diligence in examining the condominium before signing the leasing agreement, I later discovered the plumbing was not functioning properly.  🔊

I conducted due diligence on the requirements of being a landlord before deciding to rent out my basement apartment.  🔊

When buying a property, you would be wise to insist upon a due diligence clause in case you discover hidden information about the real estate.  🔊

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