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Definition of Accrue


Examples of Accrue in a sentence

Even though a traditional savings count will accrue a small amount of interest every year, other types of investments are better hedges against inflation.

The benefits of following a healthy lifestyle will accrue over time.

If you don’t want the tax penalties to accrue until they’re unmanageable, you’d better work out a payment plan with the IRS.

I enjoy using this credit card because the more I use it for purchases, the more mileage points I can accrue.

I changed jobs because I didn’t like losing sick leave every year instead of having them accrue and roll over.

I thought I was getting a good deal, but as the hidden fees began to accrue I found I was actually paying more.

At last, Brad felt that he had brought his company to a point where he could just stand back and accrue the profits.

When Jim was first hired, his supervisor told him that the longer he stayed with the company, the more benefits he would accrue.

We really have to clean out the storeroom because the more surplus junk we accrue, the less room we have for anything.

Jeremy’s only goal in life seems to be to accrue as much money as he can.

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